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The Mulder-Scully Romance Files: Season Seven –

It is official. The clan of X-Philes who were only watching for the Little Green Men, murder, and El Chupacabra had stopped watching. So what? The show was better than ever in my opinion, and finally, season seven was addressing the issues we have been working so tirelessly at for the last six years. The X-Files is more than just aliens and government conspiracies, people! It's about these two agents and the life they are leading together! geez! DUH. And the people who don't dig that, well, get over it.

As Season 6 started, Season 7 continued, the MSR continued to get more and more serious each episode. I have tried to limit my selections here, starting with the second half of the season premiere...


The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati: Classic X-files dream sequence. Love it. And it addresses all three key points/plot focuses which will be the main thrust in the end of the series. Let's review: Samantha, The Alien Invasion, and the MSR. The boy on the beach is an interesting metaphor for what I recall many people in AXL (Avid X-Philes Land - come on people, keep up!) is Scully. In Mulder's dual fantasy he builds a spaceship with her, and lives out a secret-consortium-fluffy life with Diana and Samantha all in the same neighborhood. How fun those BBQs must have been!

But alas... it isn't real and Diana redeems herself and helps Scully get back to her partner/one true lurve. When Scully delivers the news of Fowley's death in what I'll call The Hallway Scene Part 2 (THS2), Mulder seems only slightly fazed to say the least. Interesting. But we all knew that anyway, didn't we? He goes right into telling her about his dreams of romping with CSM, and the bottom line of it- he calls Scully his "Constant" and "Touchstone". Ok so what the heck does that mean? "Constant", as defined by our pals at, means from this context "something that does not change or vary". Touchstone is defined as "A test or criterion for the qualities of a thing". A synonym being "a standard". Well, this is just so romantic, indeed! It really is a perfect way for them to essentially say "Please never leave me because I want to spend eternity with you" in Mulder and Scully Code (MSC). I can't fathom any other translation really...

And then in "THS" fashion, there then is a big 'ol juicy forehead kissie given by Scully. She is really a fan of these! Its odd as I reflect since the first hallway scene. How very much things have changed. It has essentially been just over one season/year later and Scully has gone from "I'm going to Utah and I don't want to see you anymore" to "I only want to investigate with you forever". As I reiterated many times last season, Season 6 was pretty huge in changing how Mulder and Scully will close out the series together. Let's continue evaluating!


Millennium: So this whole episode was neat in that it was really the only episode with zombies. I think X-Files missed the boat/a really good opportunity to make a really epic zombie episode. Like nailing other monster genres a la "Bad Blood" with vampires, "Home" with inbreds and "The Host" with disgusting mutants. Oh well. Let's jump to the last scene!

So those who were spoiled in AXL knew this was coming. So there was no surprise. The huge part of this was how. How was this going to be written and directed without the show crashing and burning. Well, first we start out with the beloved Dick Clark and a cornball countdown for a ball drop. Scully is smiling like a goober at all the happy people, la, la, la! Mulder meanwhile turns his focus away from the weirdos on TV and has this Priceless look on his face like "Oh hell yeah, I'm goin' in for this and ain't nothin' gonna stop me." It's funny because Mulder does not talk like that in real life. get it? Good. So he swoops in like a champ.

So Scully closes her eyes to not be awkward and it lasts for a reasonable-yet not outrageous amount of time. And then Mulder pulls back and gives her this sheepish look. Scully also becomes a sheep and then tilts her head and gives him this "what the hell?" type look. Mulder responds with "well, the world didn't end". And then they revert back to professionals, wish each other a happy new year, and fade to black. In the grand scheme of things, now that I have the pleasure of looking at the big picture, CC and Company really just threw shippers a bone. Yes, they were overdue on this, but this was a very conservative (as it should be) approach to this. Baby steps, of course. And very cute ones at that. I approve, and give the scene/very first M&S kissie a B+.


Rush: So one can't really do the Millennium Kissie justice without reviewing the aftermath now can they? This episode is huge because it defines how their FBI partnership will move forward in the case by case episode-like fashion without completely ruining the series. It will be important story-telling in how these two deal with what they have just experienced. Let's face it, there are still a lot of M.O.W. (Monster of The Week) episodes to produce, and we, the viewers, (even shippers) don't want to see a lurve-fest. We still want to see the other elements of the show which are part of the puzzle that make it great.

The first scene in particular is clutch. They appear flirty - yet not too different from what we are used to. They banter back and forth in their usual give and take of relaying facts and theories... and the wheel of crime solving seems to be well-oiled. That is a metaphor for they seem to work together just fine after a mildly chaste PDA encounter. And this is good. It gets Philes back on their toes for what is to come next. We don't know! And that drives us crazy into keep watching! This episode was also pretty cool (as in the X-File itself) and it does not seem to be hampered at all by last week's events.


All Things: OK so Gillian Anderson writes her first episode... and she writes an opening monologue which can be clearly understood by us non-ARTSY-writers (btw... this isn't my day job). As she clearly gets dressed in the morning (after being not dressed - remember, this is key) she says...

"Time passes in seconds. Moments when rushing past define the path of a life. Just assuredly they lead towards its end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen. To consider whether the path we take in life is our own making, or simply one we drift with eyes closed. But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moments before it passes. Might we then see the endless forks in the road that helped shape a lie? And see those choice, choose another path..."

So now for the shortest recap of this episode ever (63 hours leading to this monologue) Go!

Scully IS in a tiff wanting to stand still (again), needs to address her past, life choices, she is told to "slow her role" (slang). Scully is sad, she follows a blond woman leading her to a temple. Flashbacks of: Father's funeral, Dad, Mom, Mulder, Sister, CSM, Pilot Scully, her new shrink, her and Emily, her and Mulder from Deep Throat, Memento Mori, herself again, then Daniel Waterston. Scully doesn't want to be with Daniel, she is a new person, blond woman shows up again - it's Mulder in reality. They have tea at Mulder's apartment and she tells him about the episode she just experienced. She falls asleep, and he puts a blankie over her and leaves.

Well, I'm glad I got that out of the way so I can attempt to analyze this while referencing both the near future, distant future, and flashbacks from the future. Oh dear. It sure does help to have that luxury 10 + years later. So it was a mystery at the time, but no longer. Did they? Didn't they? Well, this time, I can say with 92.5% accuracy...they did. (Either in this episode, a couple episodes before...or a couple episodes after. Ha. Ha. Ha. Yes. We still do not know t he truth.) BUT What's a good word to use from here on out? Aha! "Procreated!" In true X-Files fashion, I will use the most scientific term for the "act of lurve" as possible. mulder-scully-romance-brand-x Hate to be a spoiler but let's examine the facts. This whole theme is Scully thinking about what she wants with her life. Why else have a monologue insinuating she has made a big decision? Why else would she be getting dressed? How else could she get pregnant (see Requiem below)? Sorry Season 8 "alien baby" distraction ploy! (See Season 8). It is also insinuated around this time period that Scully asked Mulder to be a donor to try to use her frozen eggs from Season 4 (see Per Manum). Let's just all assume that they did for the sake of argument or confusion. But also let's assume they didn't and they just "snuggled" for sake of argument. Because if/when you read onward. It's safe to say both things.

Brand X: So much like Rush, I have to cover this one just because of the events which happened in the episode before it. I noticed that Skinner is the third wheel in all the scenes but two. When Mulder is in the hospital, and the last scene in the office. The investigation goes along like many investigations before. Mulder has some snarky remarks, Scully slices and dices, Skinner her and Mulder have an old-fashioned theory-off. You know, the typical stuff. Nothing has changed. No reason to get suspicious X-philes circa 2000...

You see? It can all go back to normal! This does not affect the show's integrity... especially when not even all the writers and producers are on the same page! It's almost like half of them know that they... Pro-created, and then the other half don't. And even the ones that do know, don't seem to know how to properly say that they did. Oh fun.


Hollywood AD: So assuming there has been procreation as mentioned before in the previous episodes and Season 8 insinuations. This episode is a hoot. And I feel bad for poor Duchovny who had to write it without getting any answers on whether procreation had happened or not. Well, he did a good job, because at that time, I, and I am sure many others, i could still not tell.

Zombie snipers! "ifs ands, or bees". This shoutout! Love it. Why oh why would Mulder or Scully share this (the hallway scene) with Wayne Federman? Hmm. On a side note, I love it that Skinner himself gives Mulder the "go for it" look in the theater when the Mulder and Scully actors are in a kissie-fest on screen. Last note on this, at the very end these two are acting very much like a couple. Yes, a couple of gigglers and hand holders! Made for a great debate at the very least. Evidence, people, just evidence.

Requiem: Scully will just not quit with this mother thing! Jeesh! And now Mulder is taking the hint from both the auditor and his gut that it is time to wrap this whole quest up. Time for his most beloved friend, co-worker... to live her life. What is very interesting is that this episode was written as if it could be the last of the series. It really came down to the wire. The last scene was locked in a briefcase for crying out loud! So of course the writers are addressing the most important themes of the show. Hmm.... CSM, The Files, and the MSR. Duh, so halfway through in Oregon, Scully gets some chills, and naturally, Mulder takes the opportunity to have her get all snuggly and warm... and then tells her to quit. Oh, you're funny Mulder. Funny, indeed. Scully doesn't believe in quitting! Not since this!


So there are more emotional scenes involving people refusing to let other people go alone, and one heck of a meeting involving the Lone Gunmen, Skinner, Krychek, Marita, and Mulder and Scully... all in Skinner's office. Gosh, I would have loved to be in that meeting! Bottom line: Scully is pregnant, and Mulder is abducted. I sense these two things are related...

Honorable mentions: Orison, Chimera, Je Souhaite. Check these out. They are informative and also quite a hoot.

So the very last line from Scully: "We will find him, I have to". I don't think she is referring to the fact that she needs help driving on cases, or she wants Mulder to help her move heavy or tall things around. No, she really is devastated that the "possible father" of her child is gone. This is the appropriate human reaction to such a predicament. They have clearly expressed, and clearly shown, the level at which they feel about each other... and by golly-now there is a baby being baked in Scully's little oven! I wonder what this means... I wonder what CC and Company are getting at here? It is clear the shippers have won... and now it's just a matter of time. A matter of time as to how this "book" will "end". Season 8 will only hit the tip of the iceberg.

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