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The Mulder-Scully Romance Files: Season Four –

By the end of season three, the People of America were getting the hang of what Chris Carter and Co. were doing. And it was official by season four, this show and these agents were the real-stinking-deal. Tuning in every week to see what would transpire between these two destined-love-birds was a must... and a life before DVR, people actually would "tune in". So nostalgic... and so pure was the fourth season and what it would bring in the relationship of Scully and Mulder.


Home: Yes, deformed, inbred killers and their amputee mom under the bed really bring out the best in these two. It figures it would be on a case like this where Mulder thinks about the idea of Scully being a mom. Foreshadowing maybe? This episode, in between the horrific scenes with the Peacocks, is actually quick cute and telling. We have reminiscent-Mulder sharing some childhood and future aspirations...while Scully reveals nothing. She is quite the brick wall! "Home" sets a tone for this season where Scully seems to be evaluating her life decisions and where she wants to go for the future. Clearly she is not a spring chicken, and by golly, if scum like the peacocks are allowed to have a family, why shouldn't she?!

Never Again: MUST I write about one of the most slow and painful episodes to Shippers everywhere? On the surface, yes, it is slow and painful. This is the one, and only one, episode where Scully shows interest in another man. I mean Carter and the bunch could not possibly go nine years and never address that Scully is indeed a woman who might want to find someone and start a family. At this point in time she does not know that she cannot conceive, nor does she know she has cancer (that surprise bundle is for next week!), and apparently she also doesn't realize that Mulder is indeed, the cats meow. I mean, come on, he likes to play Skinner and give her assignments! I love how this episode also brings up that Scully doesn't have a freaking desk, and also nicely points out that Scully can make some horrific personal decisions. She is human indeed! And also she is clearly ready for some soul searching and letter writing....which is coming up next episode!


Memento Mori: So I know this is a cliche MSR episode written about over a million times, but I must mention it due to its obvious indications on how the next couple seasons are going to progress. First there is the letter Scully is writing to Mulder throughout the episode. Yes, she clearly expresses herself better through pen and paper. Up until this point, besides Anderson's subtle facial expressions, a teary eye here and there, and obvious effortful-acts of saving Mulder's life, X-Philes throughout the universe have never been given a clear-cut expression of feelings from Scully. Excuse me as I review my notes... OK I'm back. Yes, this is pretty deep and revealing for our little miss Dana Scully. And boy does she love metaphors!

Mulder meanwhile, is much simpler, and just likes to "hug it out" and dish "forehead kissies". Memento Mori lives up to its place on the Epic Episode shelf for reasons other than the MSR factor, namely, the lone gunmen covert breaking and entering mission. Mulder also wisely keeps the ova-stealing to himself, very wise indeed. But if only X-Philes new that he wouldn't tell her until season 7-ish .... kinda makes me cringe.


Tempus Fugit/Max: Apparently Scully has a Birthday, and apparently Mulder puts thought into something special for her. And in a world where cliches has the "door-of-X-files-originality" slams in their face, she gets an Apollo 11 medallion. What the??? Yes, believe it or not this medallion gets kept long enough for Scully to give it a "shout-out" in season 8, when she somewhat ironically, goes on maternity leave. Who says this show has no sense of continuity? Baa! Along with the decent story of Max Fenig, this two-parter is one of the better conspiracy episodes. Plane crashes and military tests are real easy to follow, and just putting a dash of cancer foreboding is like a cherry on top. Skinner even makes an appearance! The last scene is worth mentioning of course, another noteworthy, deep convo while looking up at the stars is cute and and in a weird way, (how do I write this without using the "R" word?) romantic. Yuck, OK I promise to limit that word to once per series review.

Small Potatoes: This is a fantastically hilarious-fun episode on about 17 levels. I could write a novel about this episode, but here I just have to stick to the shipper stuff, yes? So here I go, jumping to the last few scenes and the hard-hitting questions posed for our Agents. Eddie Van Blundht, let's call him BlundhtMulder, assumes Mulder's identity to the best of his ability (hilarious btw). He waits a few days to get into his character, and somewhere along those days, he somehow comes to the conclusion that

  1. He is a relationship expert and can fix all the problems (with wine!)
  2. The real Mulder would not somehow get word to Scully/come barging in to save the day, and
  3. Fans everywhere would pick up torches if the writers actually had him succeed - ie. BlundhtMulder gets to kiss Scully for realsies before the real Mulder.

Well, Option C didn't really cross his mind, but the writers sure did walk awfully close to the edge, and perfectly avoided disaster while bringing up the fact they are indeed two compatible, competent, attractive, smart adults of the opposite gender. Oh, and they happen to think highly of each other too. These issues which need to be addressed further are not being forgotten or ignored, but are perfectly being strung along.

Did four years go by already? How can that be? Was life in the nineties that fast? No, time did indeed pass at the same rate as today. But back then the public had patience, and the brains over at Chris Carter and Company (1013) knew how to develop a long lasting relationship (LLR) the correct way. On the horizon lay a feature film and the final half of the series, and season four is a favorite to many X-Philes. The darkness and angst along with the MSR entering it's life stage of adolescence.

"What does she mean by that?" I mean the childlike newness of their partnership has officially come to an end. The obvious is out there for all to see, and they are actually starting to realize it on a whole new, mature level. Things just don't happen overnight! Coming up next: In Season Five Mulder discovers he can give kissies on the cheek, as well as the forehead!

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