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The Pyramids -


By Nicole Sebula Staff Writer

One of the world's biggest mysteries concerns how the Egyptian Pyramids were built. Many people believe there is no way any group of human beings could ever have constructed such monstrous creations. After all, the precision and strength needed to build the pyramids seems to be an insurmountable task even today, let alone 4,500 years ago; not to mention that the Great Pyramid is the last standing of the Seven Wonders. There seems to be something a bit suspicious about that. Egyptians did not have the tools or skill sets which would have been needed to lift the two tons (or heavier) blocks, let alone make all of the flush cuts to butt the blocks up together without any gaps. Then, these extremely heavy blocks had to be lifted and placed into exact spots or the entire pyramid would come crashing down. So how were the pyramids built? One explanation is that aliens built them. It makes complete sense; no human being could have possibly created them. Maybe you need a little convincing, a little proof if you will.


Egyptians were great at writing down their history. Hieroglyphics were written and or drawn of every event that took place in Egypt since the beginning of time, including every other building built in Egypt except for the Pyramids. However, an event as big as the construction of the Great Pyramid was never written about or noted.  If humans were to build the Great Pyramid it would have taken 10,000 workers 20 years to build, moving 100,000 rocks of epic size.


The fact is that ancient Egyptian writings actually often talk of beings from the sky, that the sky opens and bright lights come down to teach great technology and give wisdom. Many of the hieroglyphic pictures and symbols resemble that of UFOs and aliens. Maybe aliens built the Great Pyramid and not the Egyptians, which would explain the lack of history and writings about the Egyptians actually building it.

Even if the Egyptians used ramps, they would need even more rocks to build the ramps. Now, what would they have done with all the excess rocks? For that matter, where would they have gotten all the rocks from in the first place?

Not to mention the fact that the ancient Egyptians would have had to cut down a lot of date trees to build the ramps. The greatest export of Egypt is dates; it is also their main source of food. I would venture to guess that the Egyptians would not cut down their sole source of food to build ramps.


There is also some interesting mathematical evidence that would have been extremely difficult for the Egyptians to carry out without any tools or measuring type devices. The first is that the Sun on the first day of the summer solstice falls right between the Great Pyramid and its neighboring pyramid, dead center, middle, perfect. For the Egyptians to figure out where the sun sets on the summer solstice and then build not only the Great Pyramid but another one to frame the sun, would be nearly impossible without highly technological help.

Some of the pyramids are over 750-feet long, yet every base angle is perfectly square with 90-degree angles. If there are small differences in the lengths of the sides, they are by mere centimeters.

Another interesting math fact about the Pyramids: If the perimeter of the pyramid is divided by two times the height, the result is exactly equivalent to the number pi (i.e. "3.14"). The chance of this phenomenon occurring as sheer coincidence is remarkably small.

How could they come up with this number alone? The number pi was not calculated accurately to the fourth digit until the 6th century! How in the creation of the Great Pyramids did they manage to calculate the number to the fifteenth decimal place out?

The lines of longitude and latitude that the Pyramid lies on are 31-degrees north by 31-degrees west. (Is it just a coincidence that these numbers are the same) and are the same two longitudinal lines that cover the most combined land area in the world. The Pyramid is the center of all of the land mass of the entire earth! What about inside a Pyramid itself?



One thing that most researchers have said for generations is that there are only a few tunnels and chambers within the inner workings of the Pyramids, and nothing else. Recently however, evidence has been uncovered to suggest that there are more to the Pyramids than just the skeletal rooms and passages – a lot more.

One major discovery was a large, 63m shaft, thought to originally be an air shaft. But when a camera-robot was sent up the tunnel to further investigate the matter, it found a trap door at the end of the tunnel. The door had 2 brass fittings, one of which was broken.

The odd thing about this passage is that it has layers of limestone, like that found on the walls of inner chambers. Also, inside the king's chamber, areas with loose-fitted stones were discovered, indicating either poor craftsmanship, (unlikely, especially for the king's chamber) or that another chamber had been covered up behind the room. Though there appear to be many hidden cavities inside the Queen's chamber, the Egyptian government has yet to permit any more investigations.


Because the Pyramids are so accurately aligned with the points of the compass, I am led to believe that only aliens could have built them all those years ago. After all, the angles of the slopes of the sides are so precise I find it difficult to believe that the Egyptians engineered them without any help.

Furthermore, the blocks being so heavy and the Great Pyramid so tall, how could anyone but alien builders have helped the Egyptians achieve this remarkable structure? The technology was simply not available to do this in their time.

In 2,500 BC man did not have the tools or the necessary knowledge to build the Pyramids. The Egyptians would have had to employ the use of advanced construction equipment that is even more sophisticated than what we have today. Where else could that technology come from?

There are many questions that need to be answered, especially for me to firmly believe the Egyptians did not have any help from an alien source. Until all these questions about how it was built and where the engineering technology came from are adequately answered, the builders of the Great Pyramids will remain one of mankind's enduring mysteries. However, until evidence is uncovered to the contrary, I will continue to support the theory that they had help that was not of this world.









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